Senior Care Services

At Willamette Springs Memory Care Community, we emphasize the importance of our residents’ emotional health as well as their physical health. We understand that emotional health plays a direct and essential role in physical health, and that a variety of social programs and opportunities for interaction are necessary to support emotional well-being.

Willamette Springs Memory Care Community incorporates the latest advances in building design, as well as the most current technologies, to create a safe and stimulating environment for our residents. Willamette Springs has created a unique environment with a distinctive approach. The colors, lighting, patterns, and furnishings are all designed to enhance the resident’s experience. We also have four secure outdoor courtyards, designed with serenity and safety in mind, to provide residents with fresh air and the opportunity to enjoy nature. This innovative setting, combined with our philosophy of social, psychological, spiritual, and physical well-being for every individual, creates a community setting that works toward minimizing the impact of symptoms on our residents and enabling them to live more peaceful and safe lives.