Life Enrichment Program

Our individualized Life Enrichment Program is developed around the social needs of each resident. The program includes activities that are specifically designed for each person’s interests, abilities, past history and routine. Life Enrichment activities are weaved throughout each day to promote cognitive, sensory and physical skills.

The Life Enrichment Program also supports life-skills, enhancing each resident’s ability for self-care. This promotes and encourages independent activities and self-expression. Examples of Life Enrichment activities include: arts and crafts, setting the table, folding laundry, arranging flowers, walking the community paths (outdoor and indoor), shared daily meals, visiting with children from a neighborhood school and gathering with family and friends.

By creating a familiar and relaxed environment, Willamette Springs Memory Care encourages all residents to participate in the activities of our community. We understand that participating helps develop a feeling of interconnectedness and community.